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 Environmental Studies:
Environment includes each and every thing, living or non liv around us. Its study makes students environment friendly and socially responsible citize The objective is to develop an insight about environmental issues, pollution reia problems and their possible solutions, proper utiiization of natural resources £ sustainable development. Students can develop their career in pollution com departments, research laboratories, industrial establishments, etc.
 Computer Studies:
Computer studies relates the student to the latest technological advancements in the field of information technology. Such a candidate can work government or private sector, in college, school, business process outsourcing software development units, defense as computer programmer, technical assistant, computer operator, etc.
arow Hindi:
In present scenario, Hindi language and literature hold a place of importance due to its increasing usability in the field of business and government sectors. Students can opt for Hindi literature as a core subject and with the study of language and literature one can attain literary skills and work as Translators. Student also get ample opportunity in the field of journalism, can serve as a journalist or an editor. Study of Hinci in general also helps students get employment in Banking and other government sectors as Hindi language officer.
arow English:
With the advent of computers, 24 hour TV. channels, globalization and liberalization, English has established itself as a 'link1 language among the different countries and within India. An effective communication in English certainly results in better business and better profits. Besides, English literature helps in refinement of a persons personality and finer sensibilities. If English can be so indispensable and valuable at school-level, it certainly is worth studying at college- level.
arow Geography:
Earth is the only inhabited planet in the Universe. Study of Geography teaches and trains students to share and care for its wealth in pursuit of optimum sustainable development. Students can opt for a career in diverse fields like environment conservation, resource / disaster management, space science, cartography, academics and administration. They may join prestigious institutes like CAZRI, ISR, f IRS, NATMO, IRS, ISRO, SAC, IUCAA, NRSA, etc.
arow Political Science:
Political Science offers multiple career options for students. They can opt for it in administrative sen/ices examinations or in becoming college or school lecturer. Students can enter the ever increasing NGO sector as it empowers them to understand the socio-political realities and complexities of development. Career in media is relatively easy and smooth through the study of this subject. Above all, study of Political Science is a strong mechanism for preparing leaders for the nation and society.
arow History:
Students of history can work in the following capacity as their careen Museum curators, tourist guides, Archeological Surveyors, Devsthaan officers, historians, civil servants, Sahitya Academy personnel, Teachers, Professors and NGO field workers.
arow Sociology:
Sociology is the scientific study of man's behaviour in groups, the interaction among human beings, of social relationships and the processes by which human group activity takes place. It covers various aspects, effects and solutions of problems in the society. Students graduating with Sociology can get employment in private, public or non­governmental sectors. They may function as welfare, research, human relations, probation, education officers and provide employment to others.
arow Economics:
Economics Is a very important subject to understand the national and international economic scenario. This subject is an essential part of almost every competitive examination like I.A.S., R.A.S., Banking Services, etc. It plays a vital role in insurance services, primary and higher educational services, in multinational corporations, etc. The practical approach of this subject increases the statisticai efficiency and I.Q. of students.
arow Accountancy and Business Statistics:
Accountancy and Business Statistics as a subject has ample scope in terms of employment in business environment. The department provides both manual and computer accounting education to the students. After completing their graduation, students can pursue self-employment professions like tax consultant, accountant, financial analyst, etc. They can also pursue professional courses like C.A., C.S., I.C.W.A. along with graduation studies.
arow Business Administration:
A subject of study at under-graduate and post-graduate levels, Business Administration equips and enables a student for a variety of job opportunities in Industry, commerce and other business activities. Some of these are : management trainee, business executive, retail banking or field marketing officer, investment banking executive, office assistant, customer relations officer.
arow Banking and Business Economics:
This department provides vast scope of employment avenues as well as self employment in the changing economic scenario. Areas of gainful employment after graduation or post graduation lie in the banking companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, economic analysis, share broking houses, international business, depository services, merchant banking houses, Sending houses, export-import houses, etc.
arow B.B.M.:
A three-year degree course in business management, it lays the basic foundation for students to enter into the corporate world. It offers a combination of various subjects (related to business and management) taught in professional courses such as M.B.A., M.I.B., P.G.D.B.M. and M.H.R.M.
arow Chemistry:
The demand for various types of chemicals is rapidly increasing. Thus the job for a chemist are multifarious viz, research and development of new chemicals, biochemicc drugs, dyes, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, adhesives, insecticides, pesticides, rubbers fibers, plastics, resins and a variety of other things required for domestic and Industrie purposes, the preparation, bulk synthesis and analysis of above things, and the quaiit control testing during their manufacturing.
arow Physics:
Physics, the study of matter and energy, enables students to find attractive avenues in all engineering branches, information technology, electronics, meteorological sciences, computers and allied areas, telecommunications, geology, defence forces aviation, space technology, civil services, teaching, research and industry. Student graduating with Physics have the freedom to study and work in any other subject of the engineering, commerce, law, management, humanities, social sciences, IT, designing an fine arts faculty. Pursuit of Physics stimulates the logical thinking process helping studenl to excel in any discipline or course into which they later foray.
arow Mathematics:
Mathematics, the queen of all Sciences, finds its application in every wal of life, in day-to-day use, and in research work in all areas of study including biological an social science.
Botany means study of plants or nature. After completing B.Sc, students can joi different courses related to Biological Sciences e.g. lab technicians, pathologic; laboratories, bio-informatics, etc. After getting M.Sc.(Botany), one can join the Indian fore: services (IFS), research labs in tissue culture, genetic eng.neering and biotechnolog agriculture department, botanical gardens, national herbaria and bureau of plant genet resources for conservation of germ plasm.
Zoology deals with the unicellular to multicellular animals and with hums beings. Study of Zoology enables students to choose their career in several fields lik biochemical and physiological technician courses, analysis of water and soil breeding i animals for research, ornamental purpose, medical and veterinary labs, apicultun sericulture, museology, taxidermy, marine/inland water fisheries, environment management, breeding for food and trade, medical and veterinary pathology, bio diversit forensic science, drug research, ornithology, parasitology, pest control ar disease/epidemic control, forestry besides teaching and research.
It is an exciting and evolving field covering bio-medicine, microbiolog physics, chemistry, maths and engineering. There is a tremendous scope for its students' work in technical, managerial or faculty (teaching/ research) position with lucrative rewarc in biotech or pharmaceutical companies / laboratories. Opportunities abound in both pub! arid private sector enterprises in industry/agriculture/medicine.
A Computer Science /Applications degree holder has sufficient fundamental knowledge of computer hardware and programming languages. A student can opt for employment as a computer professional or pursue higher studies such as M.Sc. (Computer Science), M.Sc. (Information Technology), MCA, etc.
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