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Bhupal Nobles' P.G. College is recognized as a research-center by M. L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur. At present quality research is being conducted in the following subjects, under the supervision of our highly qualified and experienced research-supervisors, in our well-equipped laboratories.
Name of the Supervisor Field of Research No. of scholars presently working No. of existing vacancies as on 30 April, 2011
Dr. D.R. Bohra Regeneration of ferns and ferns allies 1 4
Dr. G.S. Deora Bryophyte, Ethnobotany 4 1
Dr. J.S. Rathore Plant Pathology and Biotechnology Nil 05
Dr. (Ms) Vinita Rathore Limnology and Fisheries 2 3
Dr.(Ms) Rashmi Saxena Entomology, Environmental Science, Pest Control 2 3
Dr. R. C. Khandelwal Photo-chemistry, Solar energy conversion 5 0
Dr. (MS) Sadhana Singh Photo-chemistry, Microwave assisted organic synthesis 4 1
Dr. S. S. Dulawat Organic synthesis, Synthesis using microwave technique, Solid phase synthesis, Green Chemistry 4 1
Dr. (Ms) Nerru Rathore synthesis of Polymers 2 3
Dr. B. P. Sharma Management 5 Nil
Dr. P. K. Khicha Industrial relations 3 2
Dr. (Ms) S. Bhandari Marketing and Human Behavior 5 0
Dr. O. P. Roonwal   Marketing and Human Behavior Nil 5
Dr. S. L. Menaria Accounting and finance 3 2
Dr. S. V. S. Bhanawat Accounting 4 1
Dr. M. G. Varshney Banking and Finance 4 1
Dr. M. K. Sharma Banking and Finance 4 1
Dr. K. A. Goyal Banking and finance 1 4
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