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Bhupal Nobles P. G. College - Objectives, Vision & Mission
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Bhupal Nobles' Post Graduate College is a flagship institution of higher education, and is run by Vidya Pracharini Sabha (Bhupal Nobles' Sansthan), Udaipur. Today Bhupal Nobles' (PG.) College pursues the cause of higher education with the following vision, mission, goals and objectives:-
arow To provide affordable, quality education to a wide cross-section of society without any distinction of caste or creed.
arow To ensure social and economic equality while providing easy access to higher education, for students from all walks of life.
arow To develop skills among our staff and students to enable them to compete with their counterparts in India and abroad, so that we produce internationally and inter-culturally competent human resources.
arow To acquaint our staff and students with the problems, needs and aspirations of the rural masses, so that an effective rural development is ensured.
arow To promote innovation, creativity and spirit of research among our students so that they strike a balance between their present learning and their would-be careers in later life.
arow To develop commitment to truth and righteous conduct through a dependable value system among our students to support the skills they acquire through their curricular study.
arow To develop the requisite tolerance in our students so that they adjust with the cultural pluralities and diversities in India.
arow To instill a strong sense of discipline and respect among our staff and students so that they create a congenial work culture that accommodates co-operation and mutual understanding.
arow To ensure a perennial pursuit of excellence in all that our staff and students undertake.
arow To promote the use of technology especially information and communication technology, in academics and in administrative areas.
arow To promote research in the field of pure sciences, commerce, social science and humanities and apply its findings for the uplift of society.
arow To ensure that our students are considered fit for employment, in various areas. In the government as well as the private sector.
arow To provide education that would enable our students to be self-employed after their years with us.
arow To adhere to our vision, goals and mission without compromising with ethics, especially in light of the mushroom growth of private institutions and private universities, and also in light of the imminent foreign direct investment in education.
arow To develop administrative and leadership qualities in our students.
arow To make students aware of the rich cultural heritage of the pluralistic society of our country and train them to respect all cultures, religions and righteous traditions.
arow To develop the overall personality of our students and instill the requisite confidence and sense of morality in them to face life.
arow To prepare responsive and responsible citizens out of our students for a stronger nation and more vibrant society.
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