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Bhupal Nobles International Studies & Hotel Management - Foreign Language
If you want to learn English, French and German, BNIIS gives you the chance to learn our tried, tested and proven methods. We provide cost effective bespoke tutoring for anyone who opts for these languages making it no longer an expensive chore.

Learning English is made enjoyable with BNIIS unique and innovative English language courses. Learning English is an indispensable skill in the modern world, for education, career, business, computing and for international travel.
Learning French is exciting and simple, is a fantastic skill as it is one of the world’s major languages, spoken not only in Europe( France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco) but also in Canada, South America, as well as in many Caribbean and African countries.
French, along with English, is the official working language of
arrow the United Nations
arrow UNESCO
arrow NATO
arrow Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
arrow the International Labor Bureau
arrow the International Olympic Committee
arrow the 31-member Council of Europe
arrow the European Community
arrow the Universal Postal Union
arrow the International Red Cross
arrow Union of International Associations (UIA)
When deciding on a foreign language for work or school, consider that French is the language that will give you the most choices later on in your studies or your career.
Our German language course ensures that students learn fluent German in a practical manner. About 100 million people speak German as their native language and many more speak as their second language. It is also an official language of Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. And it is the native language of a significant portion of the population in northern Italy, eastern Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, eastern France, parts of Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Romania, as well as in other parts of Europe.
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