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Punjab has been one of the most prosperous states in india since independance by way of green & white revolution , however , this achievement was washed over due to insufficient growth if industry in punjab. Initally, certain induatrial segments started well, but due to lack of sufficient and affordable technical manpower & absence of innovative upgradation in technologies, the industries of the state lagged behind as compored to other states like Maharastra Karnatka & Andhra Pradesh.To address this issue of technical manpower shortage and to usher into a new era of industrial devolapment comparable to International standards, the Pajab Government constituted Panjab Technical University (PTU) in 1997 by an act of state legislative. The University was enstrusted with the responbility of devloping the new generation of Technical manpower that can spearhead the industrial devlopmentof the state. As of today, PTU affliates more than 250 Engineering, Management, Pharmacy , Hotel Management And Architecture Colleges in the state that are approved by All India Concil of Technical Education (AICTE). Today, the university has more than 1600 LEARNING centers spread across the country offering quality technical education in the fields of information technology, and management paramedical Technology fesion Technology, hotel management and Tourism, Media and Mess Communcation and Journalism etc.
Salient Features
UGC Nomanclature
All course offerd by PTU are as par the nomenclature and guidelines of University Grants Commission that makes these courses universally acceptable.
DEC Approval
All courses offered by PTU under this program have been approved by DEC, Distance Education Council, IGNOU, New Delhi and the joint Committee of “AICTE-UGC-DEC”
PTU degrees are recognized by NARIC (UK):
NARIC (UK) “National Agency Responsible for information and Advice” is an organization that provides information about academic, vocational and professional skills and qualifications from all over the world and is involved in research, consultancy and training Hospitality industry comprises of hotel, catering and travel industry. India because of its rich historical past and varied geographical locations like hill stations and beaches has always been very attractive tourist destination. Apart from international tourists, there is a huge domestic tourist market in India including business and leisure travelers.Career in this industry are not limited to hotels only. Industries involving institutional Catering, Airlines. Shipping, fast food Operations, Travel Agencies and many other sectors have steadily shown a shift towards hospitality professionals, Today, hotel professionals are also associated with world leaders of BPOs, Telecom, and other service sectors who prefer hospitality professionals in their customer services, This is a manpower intensive industry. It offers better opportunities for employment than practically any other industry.


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