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Bhupal Nobles P. G. Girls’ College - Scholarships
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(A). Bhupal Nobles' Old Boys Association:
  1. Th. Lal Singhji Shaktawat Scholarship
  2. Th. Govind Singhji Aagriya Scholarship
  3. Th. Gumaan Singhji Roopakhedi Scholarship
  4. Capt. Th. Daulat Singhji Kelwa Scholarship
  5. Th. Virendra Singhji Jaiwana Scholarship
  6. Bavji Govind Singhji Bansi Scholarship
  7. Th. Swaroop Singhji Gyangarh Scholarship
  8. Th. Lal Singhji MahaSinghji Ka Khera Scholarship
  9. Rawat Raghuraj Singhji Boheda Scholarship
  10. Lt. Col. Ram Singhji Rathore Scholarship
  11. Th. Bhawani Singhji Kankrawa Scholarship
  12. Rawat Sawant Singhji Baneriya Scholarship
  13. Thakurain Sahiba Daulat Kunwar Baneriya Scholarship
  14. Th. Narayan Singhji Peeplaj Scholarship
  15. Smt. Antar Kunwar Kumpawatji Scholarship
  16. Dr. Bhupal Singhji Badi Rupaheli Scholarship
  17. Th. Mahendra Singhji Kankrawa Scholarship
  18. Col. Lakshman Singhji Muroli Scholarship
  19. Th. Hari Singhji Aamdala Scholarship
  20. Th. Bhanwar Singhji Bambora Scholarship
  21. Bh. Chandraveer Singhji Bhati Scholarship
  22. Zawar Mines Kshtriya Yuvak Sansthan Scholarship
  23. Th. Ummed Singhji Dabla Scholarship
  24. Th. Ratan Singhji Banina Scholarship
  25. Smt. Mohan Kunwar Udawatji Ghatiyawali Scholarship
  26. Shri Ratan Singhji Scholarship
  27. Smt. Gokul Kunwar Ranawatji Kuncholi Scholarship
  28. Bhuva Sahiba Haku Kunwar Jhala Scholarship
  29. Th. Mool Singhji Chundawat & Smt. Dhapu Kunwarji Jetawat Scholarship
  30. Th. Sagat Singhji Salampura Scholarship
  31. Th. NaharSinghji MahaSinghji Ka Khera Scholarship
  32. Th. Prithvi Singhji Khod Scholarship
  33. Th. Pushpendra Singhji Peeplaj Scholarship
  34. Sardar Karam Singhji Scholarship
  35. Maharaj Dr. Sangram Singhji Karohi Scholarship
  36. Smt. Gopal Kanwar Jadon, Dhodha w/o Th. Shivsinghji Scholarship
  37. Smt. Kamlesh Kanwarji w/o Late Sh. Brijpal Singhji Sheeshvi Scholarship
  38. Dr. Narendra Singhji Ghatiyavali Scholarship
  39. Major Sh. Chawand Singhji Gyangarh Scholarship
  40. Dr. Narendra Singhji Ghatiyavali and Smt Tej Kanwar Scholarship
(B). Vidya Pracharini Sabha, Bhupal Nobles' Institution
  1. Maharana Fateh Smarak Scholarship
  2. Maharana Bhupal Smarak Scholarship
  3. Merit Scholarship ( Vidya Pracharini Sabha)
  4. Harnath Bhawan Scholarship
  5. Th. Sardar Singhji Rampuria Scholarship
  6. Dr. Kishan Singhji Jhala Scholarship
  7. Late Purnima Chundawat (Vaajni Rodi) Scholarship
  8. Th. Man Singhji Peeplaj and Smt. Sobhagya Kanwar Scholarship
  9. Th. Ram Singhji, Fateh Singh Kelwaji Scholarship
  10. Smt. Govind Kanwar Kelwa Scholarship
  11. Th. Uday Singhji Sheeshvi Scholarship
  12. Th. Vijay Singhji Sheeshvi Scholarship
  13. Th. Jorawar Singhji Kelwa Scholarship
  14. Late Th. Prithvi Singhji Khod Scholarship
  15. HukamRaj ji Mehta Scholarship
  16. Th. Mohan Singhji Siyana and Ugam Kanwar Scholarship
  17. Late Th. Brijpal Singhji Sheeshvi Scholarship
  18. Velawat Nagendra Jain Charitable Trust
  19. Smt. Pratap Kunwar Chauhan and Late Th. Bahadur Singhji Kachcher Scholarship
  20. Smt. Girija Kumari and Th. Krishna Singh Kachcher Scholarship
  21. Th. Tan Singhji Rathore Ramderiya Scholarship
  22. Mahatma Bhoori Bai (Alakh) Scholarship
  23. Th. Sardar Singhji Rampuriya Scholarship
  24. Late Harish Chandra Singhji Bilaspur Scholarship
  25. Rajmata Smt. Kailash Kunwar Chauhanji Bilaspur Scholarship
  26. Bhabha Hukam Ajan Kanwar Ranawatji Sahiba Rajka Devriya Scholarship
  27. Smt. Kalyan Kunwar Jodhpuriji w/o Late Major Chawand Singhji Gyangarh Scholarship
State Government :
  1. Scholarship payable by Social Welfare Department
    • (a) For students belonging to S.C./S.T. and nomadic tribes.
    • (b) For disabled students (handicapped/deaf/dumb/blind)
  2. Merit-cum-need Scholarship
    This is available to those regular students who have passed the Senior Secondary Examination in the first attempt with a minimum of 60% marks as a regular student and if their parents' income does not exceed Rs. 4200/- per annum.
  3. Scholarship is available to a regular student dependent on a deceased Rajasthan Government Servant (motherorfatherwho passed away during service tenure).
  4. Daughters/grand-daughters of freedom - fighters/political sufferers can apply for scholarship, if,
    • (a) they have passed the previous class as regular students in the first attempt, and
    • (b) the family income does not exceed Rs. 12000 per-annum..
  5. The scholarship of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer is available for merit holders.
  6. Scholarship to daughters of teachers is available who secure 60% and above marks at the Senior Secondary Examination and whose family income does not exceed Rs.25, 000p.a.
  7. Scholarship to daughters of deceased/ disabled soldiers in Indo-Pak or Indo-China war is payable on Entitlement Card if the family income does not exceed Rs. 14,400 P-a.
Central Government Scholarships
  1. National Loan Scholarship
    It is available to Indian students through the Government of Rajasthan. Those students who have secured 50% and above marks in the last eligibility examination and whose parents' income does not exceed Rs. 25,000 p.a.
  2. National Scholarship
    It is available to those regular students who have passed the last eligibility examination in the first attempt and secured a position in the merit.
  3. N.C.C. Scholarship
    A special scholarship is granted by the Cadet Welfare Society to the Third Yr. T.D.C. students who have completed two years N.C.C. training with 65% and above in Science; or 55% and above in Arts/Commerce faculity. SC/ST students get relaxation of 5% for scholarship and weightage of 1 0% bonus marks for determining the merit for admission. The application forms are made available after notification in local newspapers in July. The amount of scholarship is Rs. 5,000/- perannum.
  4. Junior Research fellowship of UGC
    A limited number of fellowships are available to NET - cleared research scholars by UGC & UGC-CSIR.
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