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Bhupal Nobles P. G. Girls’ College - Infrastructure & Campus facilities
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  Infrastructure & Campus facilities
  • Located in 105 Bighas of lush green campus in the heart of the city.
  • Experienced & qualified faculty members.
  • Lecture Theatre/ Seminar Hall
  • Auditorium and Conference Hall
  • Digital Library
  • Enriched library and reading room
  • Well equipped laboratory for U.G. / P.G. (Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Physics, Geography, Home Science, Psychology and Computer)
  • Bhupal Nobles' Wild Life Society and Animal House for research work.
  • Museum
  • Multi-gym and playground with indoor and outdoor sports and games facilities.
  • Career Counseling Cell
  • Ample Parking-Area.
  • Accommodation through exclusive girls' hostels
  • Equipped with the branch of "ICICI Bank"and Union Bank of India.
  • Canteen
  • Residential Quarters
  • Guest House

Regular students and staff-members (teaching / non-teaching) are eligible to become members of the library. Students will be allowed membership only when they produce their Identity-card and fee receipt to the librarian.
1. Only regular students will be issued library cards. The books will be issued as per the following rules:-
(a) U.G. students -- 2 library cards
(b) P. G. Students -- 2 library cards
2. Only one book will be issued against one library card
3.Library card is non-transferable.The student, on whose card the book is issued, will be solely responsible for that book. If a book is damaged, it should be brought to the notice of the librarian. No consideration will be made afterwards in this regard.
4. Books are issued for two weeks only. Late fee of one rupee per day per book will be charged if the book is not returned in time.
5. Normally, students will be issued books pertaining to their subjects only. Magazines, reference books and books stamped "For use in Library only" will not be issued.

6. Loss of a library card should be reported in writing to the librarian without delay.
7. Students should deposit their cards in the library, by 28 February every year and obtain the "No Dues Certificate" from the librarian. The membership of library (for students) will cease automatically on 28 February every year .
8. A student may be denied entry into the library, if she fails to show her college l-card to the library-staff.
9. Students must leave the books on the library-table only. The staff of library will restore the books to their proper places on the racks.
10. Complete silence and peace must be ensured in the library by everybody, so that others are not disturbed.
11. Books and magazines of the library are to be handled with care and respect.
12. If a book is damaged or lost by a student, she has to replace it with a new copy of the same book or double the price of the book will have to be deposited.
13. Library remains open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on all working days.
A student found damaging or stealing book (s) from the library will have to pay a minimum penalty of Rs. 100 in addition to the double price of the book(s). She may also be expelled from the college.
  • Furnished, comfortable living conditions
  • Caring supervision
  • Common dining hall
  • Nutritious diet
  • Favorable study environment
  • Hostel, library & reading room
  • Girls' common room with TV
  • Facility of indoor recreation & amusement
  • Hadi Rani House (20 Girls)
  • Karnawati House (65 Girls)
  • Padmini House (165 Girls)
  • Roop Kanwar Girls' House (27 Girls)
  • Pannadhay (140 Girls)
  • Jhansi Rani (42 Girls)
The Knowledge imparted in the class rooms is further reinforced by the skills acquired in our well-equipped departmental laboratories. The students are taught through experiment & various procedures. They are given hands-on training on the equipments, so that they become competent doers and achievers in their own professional fields. Besides the students enrolled in the respective subjects, other willing and inquisitive students of the college are also extended full co-operation to enrich and broaden their spectrum. The college has laboratory facilities in the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Geography, Psychology, Home Science, Drawing and Painting and Computer Studies.

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