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The School is equipped with competent, trained, loyal and experienced male/female teachers. Extra as well as remedial classes are arranged to improve upon the academic standard of the students, so that the gifted children and the back-benchers in studies may be benefited. Even Pre-Boards are conducted to upgrade the Board –Exams result.



1. There is a concession- provision of 10% on total education fee and 10% on   half- fee for poor and capable students of each class.
There will be 25% concession to those securing 75% or more than that in    the board-exams.
Note: Girl/Boy   student has   to   apply   for      concession   in   a separate   application-form which    will   be available from   the school-office in the month of August. It   is   applicable to only those who fulfill the eligibility of the concession application form.
2.   Concession-facility    will be    withdrawn    incase of    being   found     irregular, dissatisfactory home-assignments, indiscipline- conduct, absent   during exams without any valid reason.
3.   A failed student is not eligible for the concession-facility.
Scholarships by the Old Boys Association and by other donors to the meritorious students are granted as per institute’s rules and the applications are invited from the students at the commencement of the session of the school.
After every cumulative test and mid-term examination, parent- teacher meeting is organized. The date of the meeting is informed through the student. It is expected that the student’s parent compulsorily follow-up their responsibility by attending it.
The rail or bus concession is made available to the students who ply for schooling. In reference to this, the permanent residence of parents is to be considered as the student’s house.

Light-blue shirt and steel-grey trouser, blue tie, black socks and black-lace shoes are for boys. Light-blue kurta, white salwar and white dupatta, black socks and black-lace shoes are compulsory for girls. None is allowed to attend school without uniform. During winters full-sleeves navy-blue sweater is compulsory.

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