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Bhupal Nobles Sr. Sec. School - Admission

Registration for admission in school is commencing from 16th April . Fee along with admission form can be deposited from 16th to 25th April . The concession of entrance fee Rs. 20 is granted for already enrolled students. Old students who are unable to pay fee, may get enrolled by depositing Rs. 20 along with admission form on 25th April and deposit first term fee by 10th May. Timing of the school during the academic session is from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.


arow After the expiry of submission date of the application form, entrants need to pay Rs. 10.00 as the late fee in order to get their admission considered.
arow Merit is the base for admission; however a student can get admission at the required minimum ability.
arow Students who failed and were charged of indiscipline in the previous year will not be accorded admission.
arow In case of new admission it is necessary to submit original Migration-Certificate and Mark-Sheet.
arow Principal will be the sole authority in the school. Admission of any student can be cancelled without prior permission.
arow No student can regard admission as supplication, just like their other rights.
arow No application form will be accepted as incomplete or not filled in relevance to the rules and school-norms.
arow Except caution-MONEY of a student, no-other fee is to be refundable incase of willingly withdrawing admission or being dismissed from the school by the Principal.
arow Incase of misconduct in school premises or outside the school-campus, the student can be debarred from the school on the grounds of disrepute to the prestige of the school.
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