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Bhupal Nobles Girls’ College of Pharmacy - Historical Background

Bhupal Nobles' Girls’ College of Pharmacy is an institute that caters to the pharmaceutical education needs of the people of Rajasthan. This is the first and only institute for girls in Rajasthan and second in India. Bhupal Nobles girls college is the only girls pharmacy college in northern india. This is providing quality education and preparing future professionals.

The objective of this institution is to physically , mentally and morally develop the students and to instill into them a social and nationalist fervor shaping them into disciplined citizens of the nation along with this it aims at training the students into proving their superiority leading to better career prospects in field of pharmacy.

Future Plans
arow To Introduce M.Pharm. in various emerging areas.
arow To create Industry- Institution relationship for real exposure & 100 % employment.
arow To set up active placement cell.
arow To develop well equipped Research lab.
arow To develop a quality approved analytical lab.
arow To organized training  program for working pharmacists to update their knowledge with recent developments.
arow Accreditation of the College.
arow Exposure of girls’ in National & International Seminars and Conference.
arow To introduce training courses like Value addition of herbal drugs, drugs law, Drug store management, Quality control of herbal drugs, awareness about various programs run by Govt. like Vaccination, T.B., Malaria, Aids eradication programs etc.
arow To start a photochemical industry with extraction, evaluation facility so that the cultivation and marketing of herbal drugs may be enhanced in this potential area.
arow To develop strong & well-linked alumni of the college.
Historical Background - Infrastructure & Facilities - Courses Offered
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