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Bhupal Nobles Girls’ College of Pharmacy - Infrastructure & Facilities
Hostel (Well-furnished hostels with Computer facilities exclusively for girls.)
  • Padmini Girls Hostel
  • Karnawati Girls Hostel
  • Pannadhay Girls Hostel
  • RoopKanwar Girls Hostel

Total Capacity: 400 students

Games and Sports
Big play ground and courts for Basketballs, Football, Hockey, Softball, Volleyball, Table tennis and athletics etc. with all concerned facilities are available in the campus.  Seeming pool and multi gymnastic is also available in the campus. The students are motivated to participate enter college tournament.
Extra Curriculum Activities
The institution believes in total personality development of the students for competent professionals. Students are encouraged to participate  in various activities like cultural activities , patriotic celebrations ,  Debate, Essay, Extempore, Quiz, etc. Lectures from experts of different fields are organized. Workshops on relevant issues are organized for better exposure to the students.

Extra curriculum activities like Pharmacy week, Independence day & Republic day celebration Debate, Essay, Quiz, Poster making Collage card making, solo and group dance, Rangoli, Mehandi competition & seminars etc are held.
Soft Skill Development Facilities 
The students are encouraged to participate various theme based, competition like collage, Poster, exhibition etc. They are also motivated to show their concern for social evils and concern.
Computing Facilities
  •  Number and Configuration of Systems :: 36, P-3 & p-4 with latest configuration.
  • Total number of systems connected by LAN :: 12
  • Total number of systems connected to WAN ::
  • Internet bandwidth  :: 64 KBPS
  • Major software packages available :: DOS, Windows 98/XP, M.S.Off ice, Basic
  • Special purpose facilities available :: CDs of some relevant teaching material are available.

Rich Library with all relevant reference books and 15 journals regularly subscribed.

  • Total no. of volume :: 2565
  • Total no. of titles :: 350
  • National Journals :: 21
Other Facilities
  • Number of Classrooms and size of each :: 5 and  total 709.30 Sq.m
  • Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each :: 2 and  84 Sq.m
  • Number of laboratories and size of each :: 14+1 and 1963.40 Sq.m
  • Number of Library :: 1 Library of 181.50 Sq.m
  • Number of drawing halls and size of each :: 1 of 100 Sq.m
  • Number of Computer Centers with capacity of each :: 1 and 112 Sq.m
  • Central Examination Facility, Number of rooms and capacity of each.
  • A confidential room & Examination hall with capacity of 100, & two rooms each with capacity of 50 are available.
Medicinal Garden
A very beautiful medicinal garden behind BNGCP contains near about 250 kinds of plants.
BNGCP Recipe
BNGCP published quarterly newsletter "BNGCP Recipe". In this magazine we publish about pharmacy, programs and more activities of pharmacy
Equipments in the college
All glass distillation unit for WFI Ampoule clarity test apparatus Aseptic cabinet
Autoclave (large) Balance (torsion type) Bead sterilizer
Blenders Camera Lucida Capsule filling & sealing m/c
Centrifuges Chemical Balances Collapsible tube filling & sealing m/c
Colloidal mill Compartment dryer Cube mixer
Digital Balance (Animals) Digital Balance (Drugs) Digital Electric Balance
Disintegrator Dissecting surgical instrument set Double distilled water equipment
ECG machine Electronic single pan balance Eye piece with pointer
Flame photo meter Furnace Gooch Crucible
Granulating sieve set Haemoglobinometer Haemouptometer
Hand grinding mill Heating mantle Incubator
Karl Fisher apparatus Laminor air flow Karl-Fisher apparatus
Laminar air flow Magnetic stirrer Mechanical flask shaker
Melting point apparatus Micro Kjeldahl Digestion & distillation Mixing vat
Ocular micrometer Ointment slab Ointment spatula
Operation table Photoelectric Colorimeter Physical balance
Physiograph Platform balance

Rabbit cage

Rotary flask shaker ROPP cap sealing Machine Rotational viscometer
Sieve set (Pharmaceutical std.) Silica crucible Single stroke motor operated tablet machine
Sintered glass filter Stage micrometer Stalagmometer
Sterile gown storage Cupboard Digital Stop watch Suppository mould of 3 sizes
Tablet counter Tablet hardness tester Thermostatic bath
Tincture press UV spectrophotometer Varnishing tray
Vernier calipers Viscometer bath Volatile oil distillation unit
Water bath Water deionization unit Water still automatic
Weight box Wet & dry bulb thermometer  
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