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Bhupal Nobles College of Physical Education - Principal's Message
Dear student,
With the ushering in of the third millennium, BNCPE-Udaipur celebrates the were truly milestone where we pause a while to look back-relish the nostalgic memories and relieve the apprehension appreciate the blessings of the present and look ahead with hope, courage and,0n to face the challenges of the future new Session in an occasion to celebrate the miracle of the good grace and intervention in the growth of the Institution.

Be loved student I feel great pleasure to welcome you into the "Bhopal Nobles" family. Come join hands to make sports a way of life. Be happy healthy smiling Cheerful through sports. Be devoted and dedicated and disciplined towards your institution and profession.
Dr. B.S. Chouhan
Be smart and energetic intellectual and feel happy in taking responsibility to keep campus clean and green with lots of flower’s and tree's for pleasant environment. Respect your teachers, parents and God. The spirit of the game the feeling of brother hood and global peace. Sports as An activity is as pure as the Avatar of Shankar. It combines in itself tile spirit of the Bible. Kuran and Bhagwat  Gita.

Due to encouragement of sportive members of the Bhupal Nobles' family we have produced number of national and International players who brought repute and laurels to Bhupal Nobles' Sans than. BNCPE will spread peace message through youth activities. Track suits, medals. Certificates. invitation Cards. ticket. hoarding. sports literature. peace run, sports carnivals, traditional games martial arts rural and women games, playing equipment, carry message for peace and environment protection After winning the battle of Waterloo the duke of Wellington remarked “The battle of Waterloo  was won from the play fields of Eton" He did not lionize victory but pay tribute to sports which produced leadership, character and team spirit. Swami Vivekanand  in his call to the nation says, 'Be strong my young friends, that is my advice to you will be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of  Geeta. You will understand Geeta better with your biceps. Your  muscles a little stronger."

the contribution of the energetic Managing Director, Management  of V. P. Sabha co operation of young and fit principals of all units of Bhupal Nobles Institute, faculty and the supportive staff, on the study progress has always been commendable, for it is through their dedicated endeavors. In  keeping with the vision of BN sans than. our colleges lays before its student -past present and the future - a challenge for life we continue to strive to be worthy of the confidence placed in  us by sports persons and well wisher. It is my fervent prayer that BNCPE Students
Who have passed through the portals of their "Alma Mater" With young hearts made ready "for a life strong and steady" will continue to let their light-shine.
With all my best wishes for success in sports career may God continue to shower his blessing on our college.
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