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Bhupal Nobles Post Graduate Girls' College of Rajsamand - Specificity 02952-230707, 231707
arow With the support of Rajasthan state Government this College is soon to be facilitated with new building along with all academic resources.
arow Academically well- competent, zealously committed staff, enriched library, seminar- hall, well-equipped technical laboratories, student-welfare facilities will be available.
arow Conscious efforts to always add up every year in college new vocational subjects.
arow Special attractions will be educational trips and picnic.
arow Best-quality arrangement of the drinking water.
arow Provision to benefit meritorious and remote areas students by granting financial aid, concession in fee and various types of scholarships.
arow Proper arrangement in all faculties to teach in English and Hindi medium and there will be separate sections respectively.
arow Regular home-assignment, monthly-test, half-yearly exams and the tutorial classes are the aids to improve the academic standard of this college.
arow Every student has to follow the college-calendar, time-table and the rules that are stipulated from time to time.
arow It is the discretionary power of the Principal of college to change the rules or make amendments in the prospectus without giving prior information.
arow The name and address of the local guardian to be mentioned by the parent in the admission-form in order to be responsible for the conduct and actions of the student.
arow Immediate termination-letter can be handed over to the student if found guilty of keeping and consuming drugs.
arow A penalty of rupees one hundred will be charged for being found irregular for a week in the class and failing to attend college regularly for a month the admission of the student will be cancelled and  a student is required to seek re-admission.
arow The use of cell-phone, /mobile, transistor, tape-recorder is strictly prohibited in during the college hours in the campus.
arow Vehicles not found parked in the parking area are subjected to the penalty of rupees ten.
arow Provision for the to and fro concession-facility to attend college from the native place during mid-session break, winter-break and summer-break after the exams. The student has to fill in complete and accurate permanent residential-address in the admission-form and has to submit an application to the Principal a week in advance of the journey.
Note: Aforementioned rule no.8 is not applicable in certain circumstances:
I Students who commute daily from outlying areas of city.
II Students representing college during competitions outside from Rajsamand.
III Students appearing for public-service competitive exams.
arow Any student can be suspended from the college without being given any clarification by the Principal.
arow A student has to compulsorily attend the national festivals like the Independence Day and the Republic Day. No student is allowed to remain absent without prior written-permission of the Principal.
arow Leaving the college-campus or the class-room without prior permission is an indiscipline conduct and the student will be responsible for the undesired consequences.
arow Every student has to adhere to the examination-dates set by the college or the university to which it is affiliated. The penalty of Rs. 100 for each paper is charged if being marked absent during mid-term examinations of the college.
arow Reading the notice-boards has to be a daily-habit.
arow Instructions of the library and the reading-room have to be compulsorily followed.
arow Submission of ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the concerned department of their faculty is necessary for the admission-card of the university exams.
arow After obtaining ‘No Dues Certificate’, the constitutional membership of the student ends with the college. Hence before taking ‘No Objection Certificate, Students are required to submit the application for traveling concession to the college-office.
arow Identity card is essential while traveling and to be presented before the authorities at the time of inquiry.
arow The student who have sought admission already in other college and registers for admission in Rajsamand too or using the registration of Rajsamand in the other college will not be issued T.C. and / or No Objection Certificate. Relaxation can be given only when parents of the candidate submit the copy of transfer order from their respective department to the Principal (Transfer on personal business will not be considered).
arow Every Student need to carry compulsorily Identity Card.
arow A student of this college has to obtain Identity-card by showing fee-receipt. It is to be filled-in with complete information such as a passport-size photo, class, scholar no., name, subject, mark of identification and blood-group and ones own  signature etc. and the ID card is to be deposited to the college-office for Principal’s signature. Thereafter a student has the responsibility to get back the ID card within seven days.
arow Incase of ID card being lost, it can be reissued by depositing Rs. 20/-
arow Lending ID card to any other student or using the ID card of any other student is a punishable offence.
  Wearing the uniform for every student in order to develop the sense of equality and identity of the college is compulsory.
Uniform Colour
arow Kurta Mehroon
arow Salwar White
arow Dupatta  White
arow Shoes   Black
arow Socks Black
arow Sweater/Cardigan Mehroon
Note :
arow The Kurta must be of round-neck and of simple sleeves.
arow Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students who will not be in proper uniform.
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