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Udaipur, the Venice of India, was laid out in 1559 as the capital of Mewar. It is a marvelously picturesque city. ”There is nothing” remarked the noted celebrity of the elite world, the then  Prince of Wales while on his visit here in the year 1921,”between Madras (now Chennai) and the Northern Passes like Udaipur”. Being well marked on the international tourist map it is well connected by air and by land. In the lap of ancient Aravali Mountains, Udaipur, adorned by nature and decorated by man as the city of lakes, fountains, gardens, worship-places of various religions, has also matured itself the Oxford of Rajasthan, in which Bhupal Nobles’ Sansthan has very submissively played an important role.

It was in 1923 that under the patronage of the then prince and later the 75th Maharana of Mewar,Shriji Bhupal Singhji and two devotes of learning, viz. Mamaji Maharaj  Amar Singhji and Rao Bahadur Thakur Raj Singhji Bedla, this institution was initiated as a Primary School(Court of Wards’ School), which was upgraded as a High School in 1929, an Intermediate College in 1954,A Degree College in 1960, and then a P. G. College in 1978. Along with that follows the brief description of diverse academics units managed  by Bhupal Nobles’ Sansthan-Vidya Pracharini Sabha.

The institution feels immense pride in its Old Boys, who compromise illustrious administrators, intrepid soldiers and defense  officers,  technocrats ,agriculturists, teachers, doctors, sportsmen of national & international repute, public servants, renowned politicians, lawyers, writers, orators and thousands of responsible citizens, spread over about twenty countries and enjoying their attainment as a consequence of their toil and the institution’s grooming .The Old Boys have had their own organization since 1934 and over the years it has so ripened that it plays an active role in the management as well as steady development of their Alma Mater.

Concluding, this oldest educational institution of the town with its sixteen units- 4-P.G., 2-Degree, 1-Diploma, 1-Research institute, 1-Public school, 1-Senior Secondary, 6-Hostels well-equipped with a swimming pool, a horse riding academy, a shooting range, multi gym, international sports track, newly introduced yoga and moral education camps, specialized Computer, Management & It Courses, as well as proposed digital library-all on a single campus sprawling over one hundred and five bighas  in the heart of expanded Udaipur, though, free from pollution owing to the greenery of lawns and a good number of trees is incessantly advancing the causes of education. Thus , in accordance with its founder  Maharana’s wishes, the institution is well aware of demands of  globalization and utilizes the latest knowledge for the benefit of mankind. All though it has followed the principles of universal brotherhood and social harmony. Dedicated to the academic fulfillment this institution with its meager annual budget of only nine thousand rupees during its first decade, at present has risen to the tune of seven crores yearly.
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